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    The 14th Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Expo

    12-14 June 2025

    China Import and Export Fair Complex

    & IGO China » About IGME → 中文

    The 13rd Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition was concluded on 14-16 June 2024

    The 13rd Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Expo 2024

    14-16 June 2024

    China Import & Export Fair Complex

    IGME -- The 1rd Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Expo 2024


    • China Information Industry Association Grain and Agriculture Branch
    • Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association
    • National Association of Grain Sector of Guangxi Province
    • National Association of Grain Sector of Huaian City
    • Guangdong Provincial Association of Grain Sector
    • (The above are in no particular order)

    Support Enterprises

    • Zhongke AMD
    • Zhangzhou Jialong
    • Taihe Photoelectric
    • ContiTech
    • Qifeng Machinery
    • Zuozhu Machinery
    • Zhangzhou Yujie Intelligent Packing Instrument
    • Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery
    • Qingzhou Tongda Packaging Machinery
    • Hunan Xiangliang Machinery Manufacture
    • Qilin Intelligent Mechanical Equipment
    • Ding Yang mechan-elero Equipmen
    • Jiexun Optoelectronic
    • SONSEN Packing Equipment
    • Hanhao Jiexun Machinery
    • Zhangzhou High Made Machinery
    • Global Grain Storage Engineering
    • Grain Storage Equipment


    About IGME

    The Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition (IGME) was founded in 2011 and is held concurrently with the Guangzhou International Health Industry Expo (IHE China), the Guangzhou International Edible Oil and Olive Oil Industry Expo (IOE), and the Guangzhou International High-Quality Rice and Brand Grains Exhibition (IRE). IGME is committed to providing industry professionals with a platform for technical exchange, promoting cooperation, expanding upstream and downstream trade, and enhancing brand and company visibility. Together, to create an authoritative and professional business and trade event for the grain and oil machinery industry.

    Why Exhibiting ?

    Exhibition Review 2023

      Visitors by Region

    • South China70%
    • East China7%
    • North China6%
    • Southwest China6%
    • Central China5%
    • Northeast China2%
    • HK,MC & TW2%
    • Northwest China1%
    • Overseas1%

      Types of Visitors

    • Oil and Fat Manufacturers29%
    • Rice Manufacturers25%
    • Grain Manufacturers15%
    • Food Manufacturers12%
    • Flour Manufacturers7%
    • Rice Machinery7%
    • Storage Systems3%
    • Others2%

    Renowned Brands

    Renowned Brands

    Exhibitor Testimonials

    VIP Buyer Groups

    • GuangDong Food Circulate Association
    • Guangdong Provincial Association of Grain Sector
    • Guangzhou Association of Grain Sector
    • Zhongshan Association of Grain Sector
    • Dongguan Association of Grain Sector
    • Zhuhai Association of Grain Sector
    • Guangzhou Food Industry Association
    • Hong Kong International of China Commerce Community Association
    • Wengyuan County Agricultural Production and Processing Industry Association
    • Qing'an County Bureau of Commerce of Heilongjiang Provinc
    • Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Yongxiu County
    • Wood Oil Branch of China forestry Industry Federation
    • Huizhou Food Industry Association
    • Guangxi Suppliers Industry Association
    • Guangdong Chain Operations Association
    • Guangxi Fragrant Rice Industry Alliance
    • Liaoning Provincial Association of Grain Sector
    • Jilin Provincial Association of Grain Sector
    • Guangxi Provincial Association of Grain Sector
    • Thai Rice Exporters Association
    • Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF)
    • Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan
    • Chinese Cereals and Oils Association
    • Anhui Oil-Tea Camellia Association
    • Hunan Oil-Tea Camellia Industry Association

    Conference and special events

    ► Grain & Oil Award Ceremony

    Grain & Oil Award Ceremony The Grain & Oil Award Ceremony aims to highlight the core values of brands and is committed to encouraging companies to create and innovate more high-quality brands and products. Over a hundred industry authorities, including members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, influential leaders, experts, scholars, and representatives from enterprises, attended the awards ceremony. By recognizing outstanding brands, the ceremony effectively promotes the healthy, safe, and innovative development of the food, grain and oil industry.

    ► Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Equipment Manufacturers and Users Matchmaking and Exchange Meeting

    Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Equipment Manufacturers and Users Matchmaking and Exchange Meeting In order to facilitate better resource integration between equipment manufacturers and users, The 13rd Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Exhibition will concurrently host an offline business matching event. This event aims to create a convenient space for business exchanges between buyers and exhibitors, enabling more efficient results within the limited exhibition period.

    Exhibits Categories

    Oil and Fat Machinery Oil Pressing Equipment, pre-press machine, extraction and separation equipment, oil filter machine, softening pot, flanking mill, steaming and frying pot, puffing machine, oil pump, decolorization and deodorization equipment, complete extraction equipment, complete refining equipment, plate heat exchanger, etc.
    Rice Machinery Rice huller, rice milling machine, polishing machine, color sorter, sorting machine, grading machine, complete rice processing equipment, etc.
    Other Machinery Drying machine, flour mill, alcohol production equipment, noodle production equipment, corn processing equipment, grain storage machinery, storage engineering equipment, cleaning machinery, ventilation and dust removal, feed machinery, conveying equipment, rubber products, screening machine, vibrating screen, and grain machine accessories, etc.
    Packaging Equipment and Materials Weighing and packaging machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, vacuum packaging machine, labeling machinery, automated equipment, quality flow meter, electronic scale and coding machine, packaging assembly line, grain and oil metal packaging materials, plastic packaging materials, etc.
    Test & Measurement Instruments Moisture analyzer, visual inspection system, gluten analyzer, flour analyzer, viscosity tester, etc.
    New Achievements in Grain & Oil Machinery Product patents, technology patents, new products, and recycling of oilseed residues after refining, etc.
    Exhibits Categories


    China Import and Export Fair Complex · Pazhou · Guangzhou

    Address:No.380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

    China Import and Export Fair Complex · Pazhou ·  Guangzhou

    The Guangzhou International Grain and Oil Machinery and Packaging Equipment Expo (IGME China) has been held in China Import and Export Fair Complex every year, Since 2013.

    Stand Prices & Facilities

    Stand Type 1

    Stand Type/Price

    Raw space
    USD 330/sqm


    Location close to the entrance/exit or main corridor.
    Exhibitors bear the cost of booth construction.

    Stand Type 4

    Stand Type/Price

    Premuim booth with three side open
    US$ 7,936/18sqm

    Premuim booth with corner
    US$ 7,576/18sqm


    1 information counter
    1 meeting table
    4 chairs
    1 dustbin
    4 or 6 spotlights
    1 electric socket (220V and 500W)
    Stand Type 3

    Stand Type/Price

    Scheme booth with one side open
    USD 2,500/9sqm

    Scheme booth with corner
    USD 2,750/9sqm


    1 information counter
    2 chairs
    2 fluorescent lamps
    1 dustbin
    1 electric socket (220V and 500W)
    *The actual facilities is subject to the exhibition contract


    Catalogue Advertisement
    Catalogue Advertisement
    Front cover USD 4,600
    The second front cover USD 2,000
    The third front cover USD 2,100
    Inside color page USD 1,000
    Other Advertisement
    Other Advertisement
    Exhibitor badge(single page) USD 5,000/per Color printing
    Visitor badge(single page) USD 8,400/per Color printing
    Gift bag(single color printing) USD 3,400/5THS Total 30THS
    Visiting Ticket Back Adv.(single page) USD 850/10THS Total 300THS
    Visiting invitation letter(back cover) USD 1,650/10THS Total 50THS
    Floor Sticker USD 1,000/per
    Visitors/Exhibitors Badge Rope Adv.(Logo Single Face)
    Product Introduction Meeting
    Product Introduction Meeting
    Exhibitors USD 1,800/Session (30 mins)
    Non–Exhibitors USD 3,600/Session (30 mins)
    Appoint hours should be chargedUSD 1,000

    (Please contact us for more information.)

    Contact Us

    Exhibiting Inquiry

    Contact Person:Miss Wang
    Tel:86-20-8852 1856

    Media Cooperation

    Contact Person:Mr. Liang
    Tel:86-20-8758 1279

    Hotel Contact

    Contact Person:Miss Huang
    Tel:86-20-8362 6659
    MOB:18620621268(Wechat number)

    Visiting Inquiry

    Contact Person:Miss Huang
    Tel:86-20-8362 6659

    Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

    Tel:86-20-8852 1856
    Fax:86-20-8852 7871
    Address:Room 202, Yin Yan Building, No.25-27 Yan Ling Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, China

    Organizer Bank Account

    Beneficiary:GZ Yi Fan Exhibition Co.,Ltd
    Account NO.:7367 7130 4842
    Receiver Bank:Bank of China Guangzhou Guo Mao Da Sha Sub-branch
    Bank Code (SWIFT BIC):BKCHCNBJ400
    Bank Address:No.1, Linhe West Road, Guangzhou.

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